• Сертификация древесины для поставки в Европу

    PEFC Forest certification

PEFC certification

new markets for forestry products

PEFC certification in Russia and CIS

Italian National Accreditation Body

PEFC certification with Accredia for Russia

Pan-European Forest Certification

PEFC chain of custody certification

certification process

  • Applying for PEFC accredited certification and concluding an agreement;

  • Conducting a preliminary (mandatory) audit to assess the condition of the applicant and his ability to fulfill the requirements that contain PEFC standards;

  • Conducting the main stage of the certification audit and making an audit decision;

  • Informing the PEFC certification body of the audit results and registering the applicant with PEFC as a certified company for a period of 3 years; Conducting annual inspection audits to confirm compliance with PEFC standards; Conducting, at the end of a three-year period, a recertification audit according to PEFC standards.




Interesting information

The annual growth of certified forest certification programs is more than 30%, which indicates the importance of obtaining certificates to ensure competitiveness in the markets associated with forest products.

Why do you need PEFC certification

by accredited certification body AJA EUROPE

  • Compliance with customer requirements for pan-European PEFC certificates;
  • Reducing foreign trade barriers in international trade;
  • Expanding potential markets for wood products;
  • Demonstration to customers, partners, investors and other interested parties of their compliance with international PEFC standards recognized by customers in the forest industry;
  • Increasing the intangible capitalization of your organization: Conducting comprehensive certification according to PEFC and ISO standards will allow you to get all the necessary certifications with minimal costs and time costs.

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