• ISO 9001 certificate with UKAS in Russia and CIS

    ISO 9001 international certification

ISO 9001:2015 accredited certification

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Международный ISO 9001:2015

United Kingdom Accreditation Services

Международный сертификат ISO 9001:2015

International Accreditation Forum

ISO 9001 certificate with IAF

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AJA EUROPE representative in Russia will ensure you:


  • Competitive price for ISO 9001 IAF accredited certification  with UKAS accreditation,
  • Opportunity to use AJA EUROPE certification mark after certification,
  • Registration in the AJA EUROPE register of certified organizations (open register)
  • Personal manager in AJA Registrars CIS office in Saint Petersburg,
  • Other assessment and training services to support your international business development. 



ISO 9001 certificate with IAF accreditaion

IAF transfer procedure

gives opportunity to the companies to decrease costs and increase added value


IAF transfer procedure gives opportunity to change certification body for the companies with valid IAF MLA signatory accreditation certificate in the scope of current certification cylce without necessity to conduct initial certification.


AJA Registrars CIS will be glad to ensure special conditions for the companies in the scope of IAF transfer procedure. 


General information about the standard

breifly about ISO 9001:2015


ISO 9001:2015 is the most demanded management systems standards in the world. ISO 9001  standard contains universal requirements and a management model for organizations of any size and field of activity, which ensure the satisfaction of the needs and requirements of their consumers and suppliers, and also require guarantees of high quality products and services.


The model of a quality management system incorporates the principles of continuous improvement of activity, a process approach, as well as risk-based thinking in doing business, which makes it a convenient tool for optimizing the organization’s management system, increasing customer satisfaction and developing the business.


National analogs of the standard: ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001, СТБ ISO 9001, СТ РК ISO 9001





More than 1 200 000 organizations from almost 200 countries of the world are certified according to ISO 9001 under IAF members accreditation.


It underlies most industry specifications in the field of quality in the automotive, aerospace, railway, medical and other industries.


What the implementation and certification of ISO 9001:2015 gives you?

Confirmation of compliance will allow:


  • To structure the internal management system and increase the organization’s competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets, through the formation of clear business processes taking place within the organization;
  • Demonstrate to your customers, partners, investors and other parties the high level of your organization by receiving an internationally accredited Certificate of Conformity ISO 9001: 2015;
  • Fulfill the mandatory requirements of tenders, procurements, technical specifications by providing an international certificate of ISO 9001;
  • Minimize losses by introducing risk management and risk-based thinking into your organization;

  • Clearly establish the responsibility and authority of all employees at various levels to increase the effectiveness of internal channels of information exchange within your organization;

  • Build an effective documented management system and get the opportunity to accumulate and preserve knowledge in your organization;

  • To increase the effectiveness of goal-setting and planning at various levels of management of your organization;

  • Reduce the number of NCs due to the systematization and optimization of the production management system;

  • To increase the level of relations with various groups of stakeholders by clearly identifying their requirements, systematizing this work and clearly defining responsibilities and authorities when working with them;

  • Reduce economic costs by optimizing the management structure, minimizing losses in the course of administrative, industrial, and economic activities;

  • etc.

ISO 9001:2015 training

your opportunities

You can also take part in our specialized courses of AJA Registrars CIS in Russia in the field of quality management, for example:

  • Risk management seminar in quality management (seminar duration-2 working days),
  • Workshop on root cause analysis of inconsistencies and corrective actions using the TapRoot system (workshop duration -2 working days),
  • Workshop on the development, implementation and audit of quality management systems for oil and gas industry suppliers according to API Spec. Q1 (duration of the workshop-3 working days),
  • Workshop on the development, implementation and audit of quality management systems for oilfield services companies according to API Spec. Q1 (the duration of the workshop is 3 working days).
ISO 9001 certificate in Russia and CIS

Пример свидетельства об участии в семинаре по API Q1

ISO 9001:2015 certification



  • The ISO 9001 certificate with UKAS accreditation is recognized worldwide. We conduct an assessment according to ISO 9001: 2015 with the recognized and respected international accreditation UKAS (the UK), IAF member. The certificates issued to you by AJA EUROPE will support your recognition in any country and by any partner or client;

  • Our auditors are professional and are near you. AJA EUROPE auditors meet the highest competency requirements. Our policy of working with an auditor provides our clients from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries with additional value from the audit due to the competence of auditors.

  • We always try to suggest reasonable and a competitive price of ISO 9001 certification. Contact us and get the opportunity to optimize your costs;

  • You will know who to contact with your ISO certification question. Each client is assigned a personal manager who will work with you both during the preparation and conduct of audits, and at other times.

  • They trust us. Nobody can just buy AJA ISO 9001 certificate. Certificates are issued after the audits in accordance with international accreditation rules. Your customers will accept the certificate and for them it will guarantee that you comply with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

  • You will be able to pass certification to various standards. You can not only get the ISO 9001 certificate with accreditation, but also pass an integrated assessment, having received international ISO certificates according to several standards (13485, 14001, 22000, 45001).



AJA EUROPE-is a official certification partner of Russian Export Center, JSC in the field of international certification and business development of Russian exporters 

AJA EUROPE cooperation with Russian Export Center

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