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    International accreditation and recognition

Accredited management systems certification in Russia and CIS

general information about recognition

IAF accreditation for Russia and CIS countries

The purpose of certification of organizations is the desire to obtain an independent, competent and qualified assessment of the conformity of their management system, personnel or ucts to the requirements of the declared standards, as well as to issue Certificates of Conformity, which will be recognized worldwide help in expanding and developing the business or fulfilling the requirements of customers, partners or investors.

The guarantee of the fulfillment of these two tasks is the existence of the certification body of internationally recognized accreditations. Accreditation means that the certification body regularly audits by authorized accreditation supervisory bodies, including with regard to the quality of the audit, staff competence, etc. The international recognition of the accreditation body is ensured by its membership and the signing of international agreements within the framework of IAF, EA and other organizations.

AJA EUROPE has wide range of international recognitions

that ensure recognition to our clients

IAF accredited certification in Russia (UKAS)

UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Services), the UK

the UK national accreditation body, the member and co-founder of IAF, member of EA. AJA EUROPE is accredited for  ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000 и ISO 13485.

Certification with ACCREDIA in Russia and CIS

ACCREDIA, National Italian accreditation body, member of IAF and EA 

AJA EUROPE provides accredited certification of PEFC, welding procedures, construction materials (CE) and personnel.

PEFC certification in Russia and CIS states

PEFC -Pan-European Forest Certification 

Internationally recognized certification scheme for forest products chain of custody. 

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